maio 24, 2008

Color profiles in Shutterstock

Ok guys... here we go... I put this video at you tube and you can download it too because the videos at youtube are not sharp as we need... hope it can help you...

Dowload movie:

maio 06, 2008

Discovering – Shutterstock

First thing you must know if you want to work with Shutterstock: if you are not american it’s very good to have a Passport, they are probably the most exigent in this question. After you pass the test where you must get 7 of 10 illustrations accepted you will be able to start to sell yours illustrations. The good in Shutterstock is that you can watch your gains in a sheet in real time and probably is the best place for illustrators to sell your work. They pay $.25 per download, now you are thinking how I will make some money with $.25 per download, well, I will tell you: Very soon and quickly if your work is good and original. After a month in this site was the first site who sent me a payment, and the way I see my sells growing it’s going to happen again in the next month. Start to sell your illustrations right now click here.

maio 05, 2008


Hi there, I am Zeca Arruda, 28 years old Brazilian designer a short time ago I've heard about microstock in the middle of 2007 so I started to learn the whole thing about it. I was very busy at that time (full work time) So I started to make some illustrations on the weekends, I was not secure if they are going to sell or not, I started on Dreamstime microstock, after a couple of days I had my first sell, that feeling changed my mind about myself, I got more confident about myself and the value of my work, so I joined Shutterstock and I found a way to make some money everyday, it’s very motivating to watch your own Download Status growing everyday, and now I’m going to share with you my knowledge and I hope you make the same, welcome to Microstock Adventures.

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